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mica sheet

Brief Description:

A mica sheet is a high-performance material composed of 90% mica—either muscovite, phlogopite, or synthetic mica paper—and 10% silicone resin. Manufactured through a process of baking and pressing at high temperatures, mica sheets are highly versatile. They can be turned, drilled, ground, and milled into various components, making them invaluable in industries such as steel, metallurgy, oil, locomotives, and household appliances. Known for their excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, mica sheets are a preferred choice for applications demanding durability and reliability.

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Mica sheets are renowned for their exceptional thermal stability, electrical insulation, and mechanical strength. They withstand extreme temperatures, provide reliable electrical insulation, and endure rigorous machining processes. Additionally, they exhibit remarkable chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, and resistance to moisture. Crafted from natural mica and silicone resin, they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Versatile in fabrication, they suit various application needs in industries such as steel manufacturing, metallurgy, oil and gas, railways, and household appliances.



FormunitRigid muscoviteRigid phlogopiteRigid muscoviteRigid phlogopiteFlexible muscoviteFlexible phlogopite
Mica content%909088889090
Bond content%101012121010
Heat resistant500700500700500700
Heat loss at 500%1111
Flexural strengthMpa18014011
Water absorption24h/23℃%1112
Dielectric strengthKV/mm202015151515


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