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mica tube

Brief Description:

Mica tube is constructed from mica paper, bonded with an appropriate adhesive, and reinforced with a single-sided material to form a rigid tubular insulation product. Known for its high mechanical strength, mica tube is ideally suited for insulating electrodes, rods, or outlet sleeves in various motors and electrical equipment. Additionally, when combined with PU-coated fiberglass fabric, it provides enhanced thermal resistance and durability, making it a reliable choice for demanding electrical insulation applications.

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Mica Tube Items

1. Muscovite Mica Tube

Muscovite mica tube is one of the most commonly used mica tubes, renowned for its excellent insulation properties. In addition to the general characteristics of muscovite mica, it boasts a uniform density and superior mechanical strength, making it particularly suitable for long-term applications. This type of mica tube can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 500°C and can endure intermittent temperatures reaching up to 700°C. Its robustness and reliability make it an ideal choice for various high-temperature insulation requirements in electrical equipment.

2. Phlogopite Mica Tube

Phlogopite mica tube is highly valued for its ability to sustain long-term use at temperatures up to 700°C, with the capacity to tolerate intermittent spikes up to 1000°C. The phlogopite mica tube comes in three distinct colors—black, yellow, and green—each derived from different mica ores. These tubes are particularly suitable for applications requiring excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength in high-temperature environments, such as in industrial furnaces, high-temperature gaskets, and other demanding electrical insulation applications.

3. Synthetic Mica Tube

Synthetic mica tube is crafted from special mica paper, which gives it exceptional thermal resistance properties. This type of mica tube can withstand temperatures exceeding 1000°C, making it an outstanding choice for extremely high-temperature applications. The synthetic nature of the mica ensures uniformity and purity, providing consistent performance and reliability in the most challenging conditions. This tube is ideal for use in high-temperature insulation, aerospace, and other advanced industrial applications where superior heat resistance is critical.

These mica tubes, reinforced with PU-coated fiberglass fabric, offer enhanced durability and thermal insulation, ensuring reliable performance across a range of demanding electrical and industrial applications.



Item Unit Muscovite/phlogopite/synthetic
Mica   content%9~10
Bond   Content%90~91
Heat   ResistanceContinuous   °C500~700
Dielectric   StrengthKV/mm>   20

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